Ethernet Over Coax Converter with PoE Function

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1, product description Based on the IEEE P1901 latest technology to support high-definition video and high-speed transmission of data signals in a variety of media coax and phone lines. Having a long transission distance, high speed communications, multimedia services, support for automatic networking and so on. 
2, Product mode Coaxial (green LED): Physical link connection indicator: When the coaxial cable, twisted pair physical communication line when the indicator light, if the light is off please check the transmission line. LAN (yellow light): Ethernet Link I Activity LED: When the Ethernet connection is established, the indicator light; when connected to Ethernet data activity, the indicator flashes. The product automatically configure the network, without having to manually set. 
3, Features 
(1) Support for multi-node network. Can sirnul taneously access eight terminal devices on a single cable, you can access 16 IP network cameras. 
(2)Long distance transmission. For ordinary SVY75-5 cable, the maximum transmissioh distance up to 2Km, while maintaining TCP I IP throughput is not less than 30Mbps. 
(3)Communication rate is high. Based SVY75-5 circuit, field test TCP I IP throughput of data: the cable length is less thah 400M - 92Mbps; 
   the cable length is less than lKM - 74Mbps; cable length is less than 2KM - 30Mbps. 
(4) Any configuration is easy to use, supports Plug and Play, no need to change the network cameras and other network terminal equipment. 
(5)Security and confidentiality. Support AES-128 security encryption; support manufacturers of user-code, with instant communication password change. 
(6) You can make full use of existing coaxial cable, power lines or telephone line wiring, without re-laying of Ethernet and other communications media, which greatly simplifies network (deployment and reduces network installation costs. 
(7)The product has a watchdog function, when the network can not cause abnormal communication, it will automatically restart in 50 seconds. 
4, Parameters 
1) Operating temperature: -2o·c "' 40 ° C 
2) Operating Voltage: DC12V/1A (Output), use DC48V 1A 
3) Connection port: RJ45*1, BNC*2